Coconut Oil and Lip Liner

Okay lets be honest like most women I don’t have time in the morning to spend an hour doing my makeup. Especially when it comes to lipstick, first you have to line the lips then add the lipstick (who has the time!)  Which is why when I read an article that Olivia Culpo did with Brydie stating that she swears by mixing Coconut Oil and Lip Liner to create a natural looking lip stain. I knew I had to try it!

“I’ll rub a little bit of my lip liner on my hand and then I’ll take the coconut oil—just a finger swab—and I’ll rub it in the liner.”

I tried it and let me tell you I quickly became obsessed! I love how easy it is to do and how natural it looks. Not to mention it costs basically nothing I just bought a bunch of Essence Lip Liners ($1.99, target) and a jar of Coconut Oil which you can get anywhere.


Give it a try and tell me what you think! Also leave in the comments any beauty tips or tricks you guys find work for you so I can give them a try!


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