New Year; Better Me

I love hitting the reset button and starting the year off anew, but I’m not a fan of the phrase “new year, new me” lets be honest as cheesy as it sounds the things you don’t love about yourself is probably the reason someone out there does. So this year I’ve come to the decision that 2018 will be the year of the “better me”.  I decided to join Jess Ann Kirby’s wellness challenge and I thought it would be fun to put my thoughts and how I’m doing with the challenge here.

So to start off Jess wants us to really think about goals we want to accomplish and habits we want to start and maintain throughout the year. So we breakdown aspects of our life by dimensions and we focus on 8: Body, Mind, Spirit, Earth, Emotional, Social, Money, Career and Social.

So here we go, my goals for 2018:

  • Body
    • commit to doing one physical activity a day (even just a 30 minute walk)
    • sign up and take a least one workout class a week
    • drink more water (I hardly drink any now) at least 3 bottles a day
    • cut back on the fast food, having max once a week (I’ll be realistic)
  • Financial
    • put at least 100/wk into an untouchable savings account
    • only use my credit card for major purchases (ie: car repairs)
    • cut my current debt in half
    • cut back on shopping, only shopping once a month (again being realistic)
  • Mental Health
    • learn to meditate
    • take at least one yoga class week
  • learn to cook, commit to cooking minimum one meal a week
  • get back in touch with my natural hair by using less heat tools
  • really start focusing on my blog
    • committing to posting at least 3 posts a week (M, W, F)
    • grow my instagram following


I would love to here your goals for the year, so please feel free to share them below 🙂


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