Facial Newbie

Alright girls lets talk Facials! I won’t lie I got my first one this week — that’s right in my 27 years of life I’ve only had one facial– and let me tell you they are a must! My knowledge of skincare is basically nonexistent so I knew this would be the perfect time to ask my esthetician as many questions all of which she was nice enough to answer.

My facial was given at Nature Spa located in the Grand Summit Resort at Mount Snow, Vermont, by Annie their lead esthetician. The bed they have you lay down on is heated (one word heavenly). Then they mix together a cleanser and an exfoliant applied in a circular motion  — the products used on me were Lemon Cleanser  and the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant a heated towel is used to remove the product. Next a masque is applied and while this sits on the skin you get a hand and arm massage. Again a heated towel used to take off the masque then a serum and a moisturizer is applied to the skin.  — Moistuzer used on me the Coconut Age Corrective. 

*all products used are by Eminence an organic skin care brand only available at a spa.*


Question and Answers With the Esthetician

My esthetician’s name was Annie and she helped me gain so much information when it came to my skincare.

Q1: What type of skin do I have?

Answer: Normal to dry skin. –If you feel any tightness after cleansing your face that’s a clear sign that you have dry skin.

Q2: What type of skincare products should be splurged on? Where can you save money?

Answer: Always try to buy organic skincare, cleansers and moisturzers is where you should splurge all other skincare products can be budgeted. — Although a good cleanser shouldn’t cost more 32$. She recommended looking at Whole Foods for good and affordable organic skincare. She did mention to stay away from Amazon since the products are not regulated — meaning you could be paying top dollar for a product but someone actually emptied it out and switched it with a cheaper product.

Q3: How often should one exfoliate, cleanse, do a masque and get a facial?

Answer: You should cleanse and moisturizer twice a day (am/pm). Anywhere that your skin seems congested — aka where most your breakouts are (mine is my forehead) –you should do a double cleanse meaning cleanse in the shower before shampooing then again after your hair is washed. Exfoliating only needs to happen once a week as well as a masque. Facials should be done once a season (when you start feeling your skin change).

I was also given a complimentary booklet of the Eminence products, it usually retails for $4.50 — which is worth the money. In this booklet not only do get a description of every product they have but also a description of every skin type and skin concern (ie: acne, rosacea, and hyper-pigmentation).

Let me know if this information is helpful and also what your experiences have been with facials!

xo Chelsey


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